Make culture accessible to everyone & inspire people to experience and connect, globally_

The challenge

Cultural institutions struggle to reach the audience and the audience struggles to find cultural institutions and events. Venues have to deal with high costs per ticket and limited marketing and data solutions. Current cultural offers are fragmented over various platforms. The market is scattered and pricing of tickets is often unclear and inefficient. Cultural consumers have no oversight of cultural events and no easy access. Potential audience is not inspired to visit new or unknown events

The mission

Ticketing Group’s mission is to make culture accessible to everyone & inspire people to experience and connect, globally. We grow the appreciation, value and accessibility of the cultural sector. We deploy initiatives that connect supply and demand and lead to a more sustainable cultural and creative industry aiming to help all stakeholders: the public, the artists, the venues and other cultural organisations and entrepreneurs.

Our solutions


With we help and inspire the audience to find culture, art and heritage offerings


With Beyond Tickets we help venues to reach their audience more effectively


We help the industry with data driven insights on product and audience behaviour


We re-invest part of our revenue in young talent and cultural enterprises

Our main activities

  • Innovative ticketing management
  • Audience focused Marketing & Data solutions
  • Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Competitive pricing compared to existing solutions
  • An online marketplace for cultural consumers
  • With relevant cultural offerings for everyone
  • Increased exposure for cultural venues
  • New customer & market data insights

Measurable impact

Private investments accelerate the impact of public money and stimulate cultural entrepreneurship. By increasing the accessibility, appreciation and value of the cultural sector we support the circular cultural economy: an emerging sustainable drive.

We aim to make measurable impact in the cultural sector:

  • Increased # of people reached
  • Increased # of cultural tickets sold
  • Increased ROI of public funding
  • Increased private (re)investments and leverage of public funds
  • Increased cultural entrepreneurship
  • Increased employment rates