We grow cultural participation through smart tech solutions. We are here to empower, connect and inspire_

Our mission


With the streamingplatform 
Cultuurticket.nl we connect online theater, concerts, exhibitions and film. This cross cultural offer will inspire audiences to new experiences and increases their cultural participation, both on – and offline.


Using our cultuurticket.nl plugin, museums, cinema, theaters and makers can reach their audiences can be reached on their own website. We help makers and venues with an easy solution, offering the full customer journey of a streaming experience.


In the project 
Cultivationsupported by Creative Europe, we help cultural marketers with insights and knowlegde sharing during our conference Into Culture. We provide data driven insights on product and audience behaviour and empower marketeers in the cultural sector.


We re-invest part of our revenue in young talent and cultural enterprises.

Our solutions

  • A streaming platform for theater, music, museums and film
  • Video on demand and live stream
  • Broadening the reach of cultural venues and makers
  • Bringing makers and audiences together, connecting supply and demand
  • Via our plugin: also available on your own site

Measurable impact

Private investments accelerate the impact of public money and stimulate cultural entrepreneurship. By increasing the accessibility, appreciation and value of the cultural sector we support the circular cultural economy: an emerging sustainable drive.

We aim to make measurable impact in the cultural sector:

  • Increased # of people reached
  • Increased # of cultural tickets sold
  • Increased ROI of public funding
  • Increased private (re)investments and leverage of public funds
  • Increased cultural entrepreneurship
  • Increased employment rates