We grow cultural participation through smart tech solutions. We are here to empower, connect and inspire_


Ticketing Group is a private company that connects cultural institutions to as many people as possible. We do this by offering a unique data driven, transparent and cost effective alternative to today’s ticketing solutions for cultural venues, a training programma for cultural marketeers based on data and insights across the cultural sector in Europe, and last but not least: a cross-cultural video on demand and livestreaming platform. Started in Amsterdam, our ambition is to serve the cultural sector in all of Europe. 

Ticketing Group launched Cultuurticket.nl, a cross-cultural video on demand and livestreaming platform, in 2020. Our ticketing solution “Beyond Tickets connected its first launching customers in 2019. Customers include museums, theaters, movie theaters, music stages, festivals and other events. We are in close collaboration with the European Union to roll out Cultivation, our project that aims to give audience data and insights back to the cultural sector and empower the marketeers of tomorrow.